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Privacy Policy


How we will handle your personal data and protect your privacy.

Making sure personal data is secure and properly dealt with is of paramount importance in our dealings with you. It is therefore important you understand what information we will take, why we need it, and how we will process your details.

What data will you ask me for?

In order to fully understand your Estate and to be able to give you the correct Legal advice, we need to obtain information about you, your personal circumstances, and your preferences.

Some of the information will be private and may be sensitive, such as details of your Estate, Investments, Chosen Beneficiaries and Legal documents you already have in place. Your data privacy is very important to us. We do not, never have, nor ever will sell your Data to third parties. The only parties to see your Data are those directly working on your behalf, may that be your Legal Consultant or us at B.T. WILLS & TRUSTS.

Do I have to provide my personal data?

In order for us to be able to give you correct advice, we need you to provide all the information we ask for as openly and honestly as possible. If you prefer not to disclose some information, please tell us that you prefer not to disclose it and we will assess whether this will alter or impede the work we are doing for you.

How will you use my data?

There are a number of reasons we need to process your personal data;

The primary reason is to allow us to prepare your Legal Documents in which we have taken instructions for, we will use your data to:

  • Assess and provide advice to meet your needs and circumstances;

  • Introduce you to a range of product and services in order to meet your requirements;

  • Inform you about products and services we think may be suitable for you (unless you ask us not to send you this information).​​

  • Review the work we have carried out for you to ensure we have met the regulations and quality standards;

  • Ensuring we are able to exercise or defend legal challenges in future.

How long we will store your data

We will only keep your personal information as long as necessary. How long that is depends on the type of data and what work we have carried out. In most cases, your personal data will be stored for an indefinite period as we need to keep evidence that we have fulfilled our legal and regulatory requirements.

Can I see a copy of my personal data?

Yes. Please contact us and we will provide a copy of any personal data we hold within one calendar month of receiving your request. Please note that we may need to verify your identity before providing the information.

What if my data is incorrect or incomplete?

You have the right to have your data corrected or completed by contacting us in writing. Please be aware that we need to maintain records of information as it was at the time of the advice or the transaction taking place.

Can I have my data erased?

If we have provided you with advice or prepared Legal Documents on your behalf, we will not normally be able to erase your personal data. This is because we are obliged to maintain records of our advice and Legal Documents in case we need to exercise or defend legal claims in future. 

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